Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Testimony


He was born in 1952 in Duluth Minnesota..."and his wife's name is old BettyLuThelmaLiz, and he's not responsible for what he's do'in, his mother made him what he is,
And it's up against the wall Redneck Mother
Mother, who has raised her son so well
He's thirty-four and drinking in a honky tonk
Just kicking hippies asses and raising hell...
Songwriter Ray Wylie Hubbard, sung by JERRY JEFF WALKER

Wait a minute, really more importantly I was born again... in a jail cell, Orange County Jail, Santa Ana, Ca. July 7, 1991. I had just been arrested for what would have been my 7th DUI conviction.

I ran wild for 25 years X 365 days per year = 9,125 potential DUI's, take off 20per cent for DW- the “early years”, so – 1,825 = leaves 7,300 potential DWI's , hangover days – 20% or – 1,825 = 5,475, O.K. Had to go to work, maybe 40% off still leaves potentially 1,825 DWI's...well you get the point!

I vaguely remember the Desk Sargent mentioning something about not probating on my last two DUI convictions, some reference about being a three time loser and something about being arraigned come mornin,

( Come mornin, it'll be alright , Come mornin, I'll be holdin you tight, I spent four lonely days in a brown LA haze, and I just wan't you back by my side...Jimmy Buffett)

...but lets get back, Jack. shipped out to some other place to spend some time as a guest of the State of California...etc, etc, etc...then I remember my physical being, coming into close contact with a really cold, hard, jail concrete floor. I've poured new concrete and I much prefer that... to Old, Cold, Hard, Jail Concrete, but it's just that kind, of Jail Concrete that brings a body and a soul into a close vital perspective... with reality. The long arm of the LAW, had again reached out and touched me and not in your general Hallmark Dimestore Cowboy, warm and fuzzy kind of way.

(Your just a Coca-Cola Cowboy, you got a Eastwood smile and Robert Redford hair, but you walked across my heart like it was Texas, and you taught me how to say, I just don't care – Mel Tillis)...but lets get back, Jack.

(You know that Cowboy, up to his butt in mud, chokin' on dust, smilin' like Ronald Reagan, birds singin' while he's takin' in Bull Sticky from the cutest little Gal that never ever rode a horse and talks like she was in ev'r stinkin' episode of Bonanza, with BenAdamHoss and Lil' Joe)

Well anyway, my old near dead carcass was not within an unfamiliar location or set of truth and consequences of my own making, or was it? Any real accidents in your life?

1.) an undesirable or unfortunate happening that occurs unintentionally and usually results in harm, injury, damage, or loss; casualty; mishap: automobile accidents.
2.) Law. such a happening resulting in injury that is in no way the fault of the injured person for which compensation or indemnity is legally sought.
  1. any event that happens unexpectedly, without a deliberate plan or cause.
  2. chance; fortune; luck: I was there by accident.
5.) a fortuitous circumstance, quality, or characteristic: an accident of birth.

While contemplating my next move, possibly not of my own choosing, I had an uninvited guest. In this particular location, trust me, almost any guest is uninvited, but for me this guest changed my life forever. See, previous to this day, the People of the State of California or one of their sworn Deputies, Sheriff's or Police Officer's and Judges and maybe one or two other state's Civil Servants, had in one way or another, brought me into the harsh light of the LAW, convicted me of not keeping the LAW and then in one way or another, to my total dismay and exhilaration, liberally released me from the full extent of the LAW, by telling me I had a disease, whether I liked having a disease or not and that by attending a bunch of anonymous numerous steps meetings with a lot of other diseased people like me and getting someone who had, had the disease for a longer time than me and had cleaned up the outside appearance of their disease and git them ( you know, one of the O.G's) to sign my anonymous numerous steps disease meetings card, I could then pay my debt to the People of the State, who did and did not have my particular disease. Oh, and that I would have my disease for the rest of my diseased life, was mostly what I got out of the anonymous numerous steps disease meetings and really not much hope.

Steps...? I couldn't remember two or three, let alone twelve. But I'm rambling Jack, so get back... to my uninvited guest, who plunged a shiv into my heart, right there in the general holding tank Orange County Jail, while no one was looking. Instant pain like I'd never ever felt before in my life, even worse than my disease that was already slowly killing me, day by unavoidable day. But now death was upon me like one of those falling nightmare's ( you Know)... but with blood, covering the Old, Cold, Hard, Jail Cell Concrete Floor... as my final resting place and point of departure from this planet. "Cowboy Dave" was dying! My favorite guy... a real Marlboro Man kind of guy. You know a... My Hero's have always been Cowboys, Urban Bull Rider Stetson wearing, International Scout driving like hell on fire, devil may care dangling cigarette smoking, lime in Dos Equi's beer swilling, Tequila worm swallowing, ring around the nose RomanArmyMarchingPowder snorting, hurtin' song writing, guitar playing, Up against the Wall you Redneck Mother singing, womanizing, lying braggart and God Bless John Wayne... kind of guy. Yep dyin'... the much to young to feel this dang old, old man before his time was dying, by the Shiv that was plunged into my heart... the Sword of the Spirit of God, which is the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Someone, somewhere, sometime maybe even numerous times had tried to share the truth of the mystery of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with me and by doing so had planted a seed that was sown that night in Orange County Jail, by God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ, through the conviction of sin by the power of the Holy Spirit. Yes I had a disease, SIN...from Adam and death from it! It wasn't that I was an alcoholic and a drug addict... blah, blah, blah, fill in the blanks...simply put, I was a SINNER.


1.) The Bible say's in Roman's 3:23 "All have sinned and are fallen short of the glory of God." I knew that, in my heart, my cold dead heart that allowed me to be a foot-soldier in satan's army, marching near every night in total darkness, trying to take as many prisoners with me into hell, as many as I could, to share in this misery of a dead man walking in a prison without bars, through this fallen world without hope of anything beyond whatever I could only steal, kill and destroy right now, to try to fill the gaping hole in my heart, that I now know... could only be filled by the Love of God.

2.) "Unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." (John 3:3) Right there on that Old, Cold, Hard, Jail Cell Concrete Floor I prayed, for the first time I really prayed... God if your real, please let me know, now!... before I die!

3.) "If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart God has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved." (Roman's 10:9-10)
I cried out in my heart, Lord I believe, please save me!

Peace...Peace in the midst of that Old, Cold, Hard, Jail Cell Concrete Floor, where a man lay dying, yet relief in fading consciousness. "Behold, now is the acceptable time; today is the day of salvation." (2 Corinthians 6:2)

I woke, must have been hours later, to the sound of my name, David Backstrom...DW Backstrom...David W Backstrom, I tried desperately to see as if trying to see, maybe for the first time, as my mind was focusing on what my ears couldn't believe hearing. "Released to O.R."...DW Backstrom, "Released to O.R."... I was alive! Not only that, alive... and...the Desk Sargent was calling my name on... the released to O.R. list. The Own Recognizance List. "OWN RECOGNIZANCE?" I was alive and not, dead and dying on the Old, Cold, Hard, Jail Cell Concrete Floor at Orange County Jail.

But..."Cowboy Dave" had died. Some might have mourned his death, maybe none, but Angels in Heaven were do'in flips, off the backs of... a mighty herd of red eyed cows they saw, Plowin' through the ragged skies and up a cloudy draw. Yippee-I-aye, yippee-I-o... "Cowboy Dave's", in the sky! Yippee-I-aye, yippee-I-o..."Cowboy Dave's", in the sky!
( re.Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers, Songwriter: Stanley Jones)

DW Backstrom, on a sunny bright Southern California morning, July 7th, 1991, still wearin'... "Cowboy Dave's" nightclub clothes, walked out of Orange County Jail and also out of his own prison without bars for eternity, born again of God, a new man, by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit by the only real blood that was covering me on the Old, Cold, Hard, Jail Cell Concrete Floor, the shed blood of Jesus Christ, my Lord, my Savior.
Thank You Lord!

If you would like to receive Jesus Christ and be born again, ask Him now... right now to forgive you your sins and take charge of your life and experience the true joy of the love of God for eternity.

"Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son. I believe He died on the cross for my sin. I repent of my sin, and ask you to forgive me. I believe You raised Jesus from the dead, and I receive Him now as my personal Savior and Lord. Thank you that My name is written in the Lambs Book of Life, and I know that when I die, I will be with you in Heaven for all eternity. Amen"

God Bless your day. d.w. backstrom

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SvenskaBabySista said...

"Wow" I am so glad you are sharing your testimony out here in cyberspace! I hope and pray that God will use this to reach others who have found themselves at that wonderful place called the bottom of the barrel! You have a wonderful gift of writing, but you have an even better gift than that! His name is Jesus Christ! So give it away, Bro! Love, Your Sis!K